medium_3197305861We’ve looked at the time-saving benefits of CEREC, and the powerful procedural advantage of the Intraoral Dental Camera, and today we’ll look at the diagnostic awesomeness of our newest addition: The 3D CT Scanner.

Using specialized hardware with similar technology to a medical CT Scanner (Cat Scan), the 3D CT Scanner gives a hi-res, detailed structural image of your teeth, your jaws, and the important structural bits that surround them. These 3D images are drastically better than traditional X-Rays, offering multiple types of imaging and views that are immensely more accurate. All of this in a speedy, safe, comfortable scan that takes about 20 seconds.

This new member of the Family Dentistry office—the leading edge of dental technology—comes in particularly handy with implant procedures. With this incredible level of detail, in addition to information about related things like bone density and locations of nerves and sinuses, we are able to ensure better accuracy with our procedures, making our already high success rates even higher.

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