Good dental care begins with proper hygiene techniques, regular dental examinations and professional cleanings. But what if you are in need of more extensive dental work to help keep your teeth strong and improve your smile? Dental crowns are a popular option for helping you retain your natural teeth and avoid the need of implants, bridges or dentures. When looking for a practice that specializes in dental crowns in Brentwood, the team at Brentwood Family Dentistry is here for you! Here are some signs that dental crowns may be your best course of action for improving your smile and keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

If you have a crack or chip that hurts your tooth when you bite into something, you are an ideal candidate for a dental crown. Since crowns work by building up your natural tooth and protecting cracked or broken areas from receiving more damage, having a dental crown placed on your cracked tooth can make a huge difference; once the crown has been placed, the pain should cease, and you will be able to bite and chew normally without problems. However, it is essential that you choose an experienced practice that specializes in dental crowns in Brentwood, as “craze lines,” or harmless discoloration lines in your tooth, may be mistaken for cracks, which could lead to an unnecessary dental crown placement.

Root Canal

If you have a sudden toothache that makes a root canal necessary, you will need a dental crown to cover the shell of your existing tooth once the procedure is complete. This is to help strengthen the enamel once the pulp has been removed from the tooth, and can help lessen the chance of the tooth breaking from normal use.

Old Fillings

If you have a large, old filling taking up more than two-thirds of the width of your tooth, you may want to look into getting a dental crown before it breaks on its own. The preventive measure of crowning a tooth with an extra-large filling can help reduce the risk of a break, which can lead to intense pain.

Brentwood Family Dentist is your source for quality dental crowns in Brentwood, MO. Dr. James Rhea and the rest of the team specialize in the creation and placement of dental crowns that can help keep your teeth strong and healthy, as well as give you a brilliant, beautiful smile! Call us today at 314-961-3221 to set up a consultation.


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