intraoral_cameraIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture taken with an Intraoral Dental Camera is worth a thousand…uh….smiles! Ok, that was bad.

Modern dentistry incorporates the use of many technical gadgets. These instruments help us provide you with the most comprehensive, advanced dental care. One of the simplest yet most effective tools in our arsenal is the Intraoral Dental Camera.

The Intraoral Dental Camera is small and can easily fit into the mouth causing very little, if any, discomfort. Completely safe, this camera, with its built in light source, can help us take a close-up tour of your mouth or zoom in a particular tooth. The camera is powerful and can identify potential problems like cracks in teeth or fillings, for example. The best part? You can see the images on a screen while we work!

A great feature of this dental instrument is that images (and sometimes video) from the camera are stored as a part of your dental records. They can be printed out, shared with other dentists, or insurance companies.

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