If you have recently been diagnosed with periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, you may have some questions about your course of treatment. While some periodontal infections can be treated effectively with antibiotics and scaling of the gums, those that are too far-gone may need more aggressive treatment, including periodontal surgery. Here are some signs that you may need surgical treatment for your periodontal disease.

Your Infection is Beyond Reach of Manual Scalers

If your periodontal infection has created deep pockets in your gums, they may be too difficult to reach by manual scaling techniques such as debridement or root planing by your periodontist. These procedures are normally only effective if bacterial plaque causing periodontal disease is on the surface of the gums. Periodontal surgery may be required to reach the diseased areas in order to successfully clean and repair them. Flap surgery, a common periodontal surgery practice, is a procedure where a periodontal surgeon will create a three-sided flap in your gum tissue and then open it to allow access to deep periodontal pockets for plaque removal and gum tissue or bone repair.

You Have Experienced Bone Loss

Because periodontal disease is so aggressive, an infection may result in loss of bone in your jaw. If this is the case, your periodontal surgeon will need to perform a bone graft using donor bone tissue. The surgeon will place the donor tissue in the area where the bone loss has occurred. Over time, as your body accepts the tissue, it will generate new, strong, healthy bone.

You Need Gum Tissue Repair

If your periodontal disease has caused your gums to recede, this can spell disaster for future oral health. After all, your gums hold your teeth in place; if they aren’t able to do their job, you can expect to lose teeth down the road. Grafting gum tissue to the areas where gums have receded is one periodontal surgery procedure that can help treat the effects of periodontal infection as well as prevent against future problems with periodontal disease.

Of course, periodontal surgery alone won’t protect you from future instances of gum disease. It is absolutely essential to take good care of your teeth and gums by practicing good dental hygiene- brushing twice a day, flossing daily and visiting your dentist for regular semi-annual checkups are all important factors in keeping your periodontal infection from recurring. By changing your habits and embracing good oral care practices, you can prevent yourself from ever needing periodontal surgery again!

If you are in need of periodontal surgery and live in or around the Ladue area, Brentwood Family Dentistry may be just the practice for you! We specialize in all areas of general dentistry, as well as periodontal surgery, so we can help you every step of the way on your path toward achieving the healthy smile you deserve! Call Brentwood Family Dentistry today at 314-961-3221 to schedule your periodontal surgery consultation.


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