How to Prepare for a Root Canal

Your dentist should have thoroughly examined, done X-Rays, and gone over your mouth for good measure before they will follow the root canal route. They will make sure there isn’t any other preventive care they can do before following through on the root canal procedure.

When a root canal procedure can’t be avoided, it is Brentwood Family Dentistry’s goal to make sure every patient feels relaxed and comfortable during the process. We take our time explaining every part of the procedure you will go through so that you will know what to expect. Each of our patients deserves the individual attention to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible.

Root Canal Recovery

Your dentist will need to perform a root canal when your tooth dies. This means the nerve and blood vessel tissue is dead, so they have to remove. They also have to remove any part of the decayed portions of the tooths. Then, they will seal your roots with some sealing material. You can have them cover your missing tooth area with a crown if you or your dentist decide on that course of action.

You will probably be sore for a while, so you shouldn’t eat any solid foods for a day or two. Each person is different, so if you don’t think you can eat solid foods for a while, take your time. However, if pain becomes too much, you should check it out with your dentist. You could get an infection even if you are still taking antibiotics.

Root Canal Aftercare

After a root canal procedure, it’s always important to follow the directions your dentist gives you. Follow every step because root canal aftercare is very important for healing and preventing any type of infection from occurring in your mouth after the procedure. You will more than likely be given antibiotics to prevent any infection from developing, while your mouth heals appropriately. Make sure to take as much as your dentist prescribes because you don’t want to have to come in again to deal with infection or other problems.

At Brentwood Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in doing everything we can prevent the need for a root canal in the first place. This is why it’s so crucial to continue regular checkups with your regular dentist. There are always ways to help prevent this from happening.

If you live in or around Brentwood, MO, then see if Brentwood Family Dentistry is for you. Contact us today to set an appointment or ask any questions!

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