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what are dental Crowns?

If you have chipped or broken a tooth, had a root canal or have a cavity that is just too large to be filled, we may suggest a crown to cover your tooth.  A crown is simply a cap or covering for your tooth to restore it to its original state. There are many different options for what kind of crown to receive, and we make recommendations based on your personal situation.  The two most common types of crowns are either CEREC crowns, or traditional dental crowns. Here is what you should know about each:

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CEREC Crowns

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.  The CEREC crown is made of a ceramic or resin material. One of the benefits of a CEREC crown is that our office can make this type of crown in just a single visit.  This prevents you from having to wait for your new crown to be made offsite, then wear a temporary dental crown, and after that make another appointment to get your permanent crown installed.  We use computer imaging technology to make your new tooth fit perfectly in your mouth. The color will also match your other teeth. The crown is made of a solid block of material, so that it is stronger than other types of crowns.  You will be the only person that knows you have a CEREC crown.

Primescan technology

At our dental practice, we use CEREC Primescan technology to provide you with a range of benefits. With same day crowns, you’ll be able to walk out of our office with a new crown in just one appointment. Our digital impressions are incredibly accurate, thanks to the Primescan’s ability to create precise 3D models of your teeth. We can even use the Primescan to perform Invisalign scans, so you can straighten your teeth without traditional braces. Finally, our implant restorations are made easier and more precise with the help of the CEREC Primescan.

The Process

At Brentwood Family Dentistry, we use a computer-aided design system to produce the crown with amazing accuracy.   

First, we create a 3-dimensional (3D) digital impression of your mouth to measure the area where the crown will be placed.  Our intraoral dental camera is used to take a highly accurate image of your teeth. Once that is finished, we create the CEREC crown right in our office.  Then we paint and polish each tooth to match the other teeth. After this process is complete, we bond the crown in minutes. The entire appointment lasts only about two hours!

The CEREC crown looks and feels like a natural tooth, and if cared for properly can last 15 years or more.

Advantages Of Brentwood Family Dentistry

Our practice has extensive experience creating CEREC crowns.  With our high-tech laser equipment and expertise, you no longer have multiple appointments and fittings for temporary crowns.  We treat you individually, according to your own unique situation. There is not one type of crown that is best for everyone. We will respect your time, work within your budget, and let you make the final decision.  Your comfort and safety are our primary concern. We will make your teeth healthy, natural looking and beautiful again!

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