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When decay or disease reaches the pulp of your tooth, you know it!  The pain and discomfort are unmistakable. The only solution to get rid of them and to save your natural tooth is root canal therapy.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is the process of medically removing a seriously injured or diseased tooth.  Also known as endodontic treatment, a root canal is the best way to relieve serious pain and make teeth healthy again.  In addition to relieving pain, a root canal also helps protect the surrounding teeth from excessive wear or strain.

If you have a cracked tooth from an injury or accident, a deep cavity, or issues from a previous dental filling, you will most likely require a root canal.  You may notice that your teeth are sensitive, particularly to hot and cold sensations, or you may just feel an awful pain in your teeth or gums. Sensitive teeth indicate that harmful bacteria are getting into the nerves of the jaw and must be removed.

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The Process

In a root canal procedure, the damaged enamel and the diseased part of the tooth are removed first.  Next, the vacant space is filled from the inside out, finishing it off with a ceramic or porcelain crown designed to match the rest of your teeth.

This procedure restores the strength of your tooth.  Your pain and discomfort are gone as soon as your root canal is over, and you will have full use of your tooth once again.  The entire process takes about 90 minutes.

Advantages Of Brentwood Family Dentistry

Are you feeling pain in your teeth and gums?  At Brentwood Family Dentistry, we use the most advanced equipment and technology possible when performing a root canal, to make sure we keep you comfortable.  Sedation dentistry is available if you want it, and we’ll discuss every option to keep your root canal procedure as comfortable as possible.

No matter how badly damaged your teeth are, we are devoted to help you restore them to health and retain your natural teeth whenever possible.  We believe it’s best to keep your teeth healthy from the inside out, and we are here for you when you need a difficult procedure like a root canal. We treat you individually, according to your own unique situation.  There is not one solution that is best for everyone. We will respect your time and let you make the final decision. We even have payment plans to work within your budget.  Your comfort and safety are our primary concern. We will make your teeth healthy, natural looking and beautiful again!

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