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what is an Intraoral Dental Camera?

An intraoral camera is a tool that our dentists use to take an x-ray of your teeth and gums.  It gives a very detailed view of your mouth. The instrument looks like an oversized pen or wand and has a camera on it that takes very high-resolution photos of your mouth.  You will see the pictures real-time on a large monitor as we are taking them. Our patients then can truly say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

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How It Works

Our intraoral cameras are truly the latest in dental technology.  They have LED lighting, a head that rotates up to 90 degrees, and powerful magnifying capabilities of up to 100 times.  Because of this, we can make diagnoses more accurately. We can also attach these photos to your health record and make any changes instantly.  Also, when the visuals from the intraoral camera appear on the monitor as they’re being taken, we can discuss your oral health with you while you are looking at the video.  No more waiting days for traditional x-ray processing time.

We understand your symptoms and conditions thoroughly, and this camera allows us to explain clearly to you, our patient, what is happening in your mouth in real time.  You can see your mouth exactly how we see it on the large screen and then discuss any issues and problems immediately. The camera is very useful in diagnosing conditions such as tooth decay and cracked teeth.  Many insurance companies will now look at videos taken with the intraoral camera, and it speeds up the approval process so your work can be done quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions, we will take the time to answer them, so that you can feel very confident in any treatment decisions.  We can even print your images so that you can look at them later and discuss them with the people most important in your life. The pictures are processed right away for you, saving you time and money.  You can even see before and after results. It is our goal to make you comfortable, so that you feel and look natural and healthy again!

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