If you are new to the Brentwood area, or if you are considering switching to a new practice, you may be looking into dentists in Brentwood who can provide excellent care for you and your family. But how do you choose the right family dentist for you?

Here are some things to look for in a family dentist for adults and children to help you make the best choice.


When selecting a family dentist in Brentwood, you want to look for a dentist who has a great deal of experience with providing dental care to children and adults.

An experienced dentist not only has a lot of knowledge and skill when it comes to performing dental procedures, but is likely also an expert at providing compassionate care for children and adults alike.

Look for a dentist who has been in practice for a while so you can be sure you are in good hands.


The dentist’s office isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite place on earth, but some dental practices make their surroundings more comfortable than others. You should choose a family dentist whose office is inviting, comfortable and non-intimidating for both adults and children in order for everyone in your family to have the best experience.


When you are sitting in the dentist’s chair, it’s important that you feel completely at ease with the quality of care you are receiving. If something about a family dental practice makes you feel uncomfortable, anxious or unsettled, you may want to keep looking for a dentist who meets your needs.

It’s essential to find a dental practice with a caring, friendly staff, up-to-date technology and procedures, and a tidy, professional-looking office. You and your family deserve the best-quality dental care- why settle for less?

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