large_2170174813I think there is one thing that every one of my clients has in common: a true hatred for flossing. I can’t count how many times I’ve asked a patient how frequently they floss and they shyly respond “Not often enough.”

We all know that flossing is a critical element of your dental health. A little piece of floss takes care of all the tiny morsels of food that brushing can leave behind, reducing future visits to the dentist, keeping your breath fresher, and increasing your overall gum tissue and bone health.

For a lot of my patients, however, it seems like the proven long-term health and dental benefits of flossing are outweighed by the inconvenience and discomfort of those few minutes each day.

There’s Hope!

Luckily for all of us, our friends at Sonicare offer an alternative to the dreaded waxed string.

The new Sonicare AirFloss uses microburst technology to gently and effectively clean in-between your teeth. It takes less than a minute, and has all the benefits of flossing! Studies have shown that using the Sonicare AirFloss removes up to 99% more plaque between teeth than brushing alone.

Not only that, but Sonicare guarantees results from the AirFloss. If you don’t have noticeable results and better checkups in 28 days, Sonicare offers a full refund…no questions asked!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Contact us today and get on the road to better breath, better gums, and better health!

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