Gum disease is anticipated to affect over 130 million Americans every single year, though it’s often not diagnosed. Gum disease can lead to severe issues with your oral health, and have long-lasting (or lifetime) connections to other areas of the body you may not be aware of.

Gum Disease Leads to the Following Problems:


  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • And more


Issues from periodontal, or gum disease, are directly related to these issues, with new findings stacked daily. Whereas these have a few minor links between them, there is one undeniable issue directly associated with this disease: gum recession.

Gum recession isn’t something that can be fixed; the damage can only be halted. Gum disease ravages the gums, exposing more baseline surface areas of your teeth that normally wouldn’t be accessible. This makes it far easier to experience tooth decay, and be left with “pink in the sink” when brushing. The less gum tissue you have, the worse off you are.

How Does my Periodontist in Brentwood Treat This?

Your Brentwood periodontist has multiple methods to treat gum disease, including:


  • Medicinal: Antibiotics and topical prescription medication can be prescribed and utilized to slow or stop the effects of gum disease. Further deliberation will need to be taken by your dentist.



  • Procedural: Removing infected tissue can give you the best fighting chance to eliminate gum disease. With proper post-procedure oral care and consistent appointments/monitoring, getting a jump on gum disease could stop it in its tracks.



  • Aid in Self-Care: After everything is taken care of, preventing gum disease from striking again is up to you. Your periodontist in Brentwood can help with proper care, and recommendations on on-home dental products.


Your Periodontist in Brentwood

Treating gum disease isn’t something that can wait. Your periodontist in Brentwood is equipped to identify issues and propose the necessary course of action to eliminate periodontal disease in as little time in possible. Contact us today for more information, or to book your appointment and begin treatment. All it takes is a quick phone call to get started.

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