When your tooth has been damaged because of decay, grinding or an injury, restorative procedures are available to strengthen your tooth so that you can bite and chew your foods, speak and smile normally. Restorative procedures can also help to improve the way that your mouth looks, especially if you choose materials that are tooth-colored. These dental restorations are durable and designed to be permanent.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to restore your teeth after a cavity has been removed. Your dentist may recommend a filling made of gold, amalgam or composite. If you choose a composite filling, it can be colored to match your tooth. Amalgam fillings are silvery. Gold and amalgam fillings offer strength and durability while composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing.


A dental bridge can fill a space where you are missing two or more teeth. The bridge is a metal and plastic framework that supports artificial tooth crowns. The crowns are made using impressions of the original teeth in your mouth. The bridge can be fixed or removable. If it is a fixed bridge, it will be supported by crowns that are attached to your neighboring natural teeth.


Dental crowns are restorative procedures that are used if your tooth has undergone a large change in size and shape. This may be due to root canal therapy, cracking or a significant amount of decay. Crowns can be made of gold, gold alloy, porcelain fused to gold or ceramic. Porcelain fused to gold and ceramic crowns are ideal for teeth that are visible when you smile. These crowns look like your natural teeth. Gold and gold alloy crowns offer enhanced durability.

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